Looking for a great home to rent in south Oakland or Macomb counties?

Worried about or tired of dealing with “slumlords” that won’t fix anything?

We manage some of the area’s nicest rentals and the properties are licensed by the cities they’re located in.

Most of the properties we manage also accept Section 8.

Our progressive staff consistently works to improve the quality of service our tenants experience so that they not only remain our clients – they also refer their family and friends to us.

Check our website for a clean and updated home that fits your needs.

* Be sure to contact us if nothing matches your needs as we often have properties that haven’t been added to the site yet.

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“Referrals are Sending Someone You Care about, to Someone You Trust!”
So, forward this blog post to someone You Care about!

P: 248-209-6824 • RRPInfo@RoyalRoseProps.comwww.RoyalRoseProperties.com

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