Do It Yourself Water Damage Repairs (Guest Post)

Water may be essential to humans, but it can spell death for a home.

Water flooding in the hallway of a house.

When you purchase a home, it becomes your biggest asset or baby that needs a lot of care and attention. Sometimes things can happen to your property that are beyond your control. You are away on a trip, business or otherwise. And you find out there is a plumbing issue, or worse yet a burst pipe, and now you have extensive water damage.Education is always a good thing in terms of preparing before a disaster strikes.

If you experience flooding in your property, there are things that need to be done. First of all shut off your electricity and gas. We all know that electricity and water are a bad combination. Be sure to check and make sure to turn of these conduits before proceeding. Checking the foundations of your house as well as any short circuits in your electrical systems is vital, and you don’t want to cause any more problems than you already have.

Next relocate items from the damaged area outside, or some other dry area. Remove paintings from the walls and expensive furniture out to a different area. Open windows and set up air moving equipment like fans or blowers. If you can, get rid of the standing water immediately. Wipe off excessive water with towels and dry the carpet. Relocate any books or other written paraphernalia out of harm’s way and allow them to dry if necessary. Always remember to take as many pictures as possible for insurance purposes. It will furnish proof of damaged items and have less of a hassle in getting money to help replace them.

Be keenly aware of any flooring and/or wall damage. Extremely wet carpet, bulging in the walls, buckling in the flooring. Get rid of all of the compromised material. As you are removing and repairing be aware of areas that may have black mold on them. Never any good to replace your drywall if you should have existing mold. You cannot cover it up. It must be eradicated properly.Always go with the clean as your repair mentality. Make sure all the affected spaces are as dry as possible. Use a dehumidifier and a high velocity fan to make sure you do this completely. Getting the humidity levels down can prevent more damage from taking place.

Obviously the best way to fix water damage is to prevent it in the first place. If necessary waterproofing your home may be a viable option.Keep the gutters in good shape over time. Do your best to keep moisture levels low in the basement. Consult a professional to make sure that your ‘do it yourself water damage repair’ is the best job it can be.

Water damage repair is no fun but can be accomplished safely if care is taken. Remember, there are people out there that can help make your life easier. If the project is too overwhelming call a professional water damage restoration company right away!

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