DIY Landlord Tools: The Ultimate Rent-Ready Checklist II

Having a checklist provides a systematic way to inspect the home for any outstanding issues.

A dirty carpet in a room.We’re going forward today with the most complete rent-ready checklist around, and this time, we’re doing the basics: things that every room needs, and things that every house as a whole needs as well.

Each and Every Room Needs (Where Applicable):
• All trash and unwanted objects removed and disposed of appropriately.

• Ceilings examined, freed from unwanted hooks, stickers, cobwebs, etc., repaired where necessary, and cleaned. Ceiling fans tested for noise and wobble, repaired or replaced as necessary, and cleaned.
• Walls examined, freed from unwanted hangers, décor, etc., repaired where necessary, and cleaned. Switches, outlets, thermostats, etc. tested, repaired or replaced where necessary, and cleaned.
• Floors examined, repaired or replaced where necessary and cleaned. Carpets tested for looseness and tightened up where necessary (especially on stairs). Transition pieces, door stops, and HVAC registered installed or repaired where necessary and cleaned.
• Trim inspected, repaired or replaced where necessary, and wiped down everywhere else. Might as well get door hinges at this point since you’ll be doing door trim here as well.
• Windows tested for visibility and functionality (opened/closed), glass/frames replaced as necessary and cleaned inside and out. Blinds/window treatments tested for functionality, repaired or replaced where necessary, and cleaned. Screens examined, replaced where necessary, and cleaned inside and out. Test bedroom windows for emergency-exit-ness.
• Doors tested for free swing, proper latching, knob function, lock function, and to make sure it doesn’t smash into anything when violently opened. Doors, knobs, and hinges repainted, repaired, or replaced as necessary, and cleaned. Doorstops installed as necessary.
• Light fixtures tested, repaired or replaced as necessary, and cleaned. Light bulbs checked to ensure they match the fixture and the needs of the space, and replaced if necessary.
• Fireplace tested for functionality, repaired as necessary, and cleaned.
• Smoke and CO2 detectors tested for functionality, batteries or detectors replaced as necessary, and cleaned.
• Handrails tested for appropriate height, safety, and tactile friendliness, then repaired or replaced when necessary and cleaned.
• Shelves and other flat surfaces examined for level and weight-bearing ability, repaired where necessary, and cleaned (top and bottom where relevant).

The Whole House
• Document the locations of the breaker box, water meter, gas meter, and electric meter. Clean, then take clear photographs of each..
• Inspect HVAC equipment, replace filters, arrange professional repair/maintenance where necessary, clean.
• Inspect water heater for leaks or deterioration. Order professional maintenance if necessary. Clean.

That’s it for today — come back next time for a few specific rooms’ worth of ongoing checklist.

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